¡Hola Cuba!

We’re off to a productive start on our journey to Cuba! Last night we completed all of our paperwork, received our flight and hotel information, and are just waiting on our visas. Everything feels so surreal; our trip to Cuba is right around the corner!

To help prepare for filming, we spoke about documentary format, storytelling, and the importance of technical shooting. We also went over how utilizing angles conveys meaning to the shot, as different angles create mood and tone. In addition, sound is very important because it moves the visual and narrates the story. Professor Luskay told us to, “Let the camera tell the story” and be objective documentarians. We understand that with storytelling comes the need to show what we see; not through our eyes, but through the eyes of the camera. We are excited to show Cuba through our eyes to Americans who still believe it is a mystery. This allows us too to see it before it changes – as we all know what will happen when they prepare for tourism.


At the end of class we sat down to create this blog because we want to record our journey to Cuba. The hardest part of creating the blog was settling on a name. We tossed around countless names before settling on Pace in Cuba. This blog will serve as documentation of our progress as filmmakers, students, and travelers.

We have a crowdfunding site up for anyone who wants to help us fund our trip. Please visit https://crowdfunding.pace.edu/project/1510 and help us out in anyway you can.

You can also find us on Social Media:

Facebook: Pace Docs

Twitter: @PaceDocs

Instagram: @pacedocs



Heidi Ariana


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