Look at Where We’re Going!!

During our research process we have come across a lot that we are excited to share with you all. Our whole trip is planned with daily trips to historical cities, monuments and even a day at the beach! In our last class we got a closer look at some of the locations we are going to explore.

8-avenida-puertoAvenida del Puerto (link is in Spanish click google translate) is a vital city strip which offers unique views of the bay and castles guarding a city founded 490 years ago along the coast. The restoration of warehouses, promenades and terminals will not only provide a great view, it will be converting the area into sources of opportunities, development, economic, social and cultural exchanges.

Havana’s architecture represents it’s history and eclecticism. Despite being an island, Cuba’s culture has been defined by a mixture of foreign influences since the Spanish colonized it in the 16th Century. These foreign influences impacted every aspect of the island-nation’s culture.


Between the 1600’s and 1850’s, Cuba was a plantation-based economy and many colonial-style mansions like the Casa de los Condes de Jaruco, displayed above, were built.

Check out these other architectural sites!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The wealth of knowledge we are gaining so far is overwhelming! Knowledge is what will help make this trip a memorable experience for us. Not only did we research the locations and history of Cuba but we also had a guest speaker stop by our class this week to tell us all about her experience.

Professor Corinna Sager is an instructor here at Pace. She has been to Cuba twice already and fell in love with the people, the culture and the architecture.

We have so much more to share with you so make sure to check back in soon!


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