Lights, Camera, Action!

This week was very informative in regards to our trip to Cuba. The class skyped with Danielle Bovee from The Center for Cross-Cultural study to ask questions about what to expect in Cuba and how to properly prepare for the trip. We were informed on what specific items to pack, info on visas, and baggage information. This made us all realize how soon this trip really is! We also spoke with Danielle about filming, and that it is becoming more common. We are thankful for the Center of Cross-Cultural study’s help and preparation.

We created a plan for filming in Cuba to facilitate the process and get the best footage possible. Our class will be divided into teams and film roles every day. We will alternate teams and film roles so that way we all get a chance with the different equipment, such as, audio, film, interviewing, or lighting the shot.


We finished up the class by having our fellow classmates present on film equipment. We did hand-on tutorials on the equipment. It was great to learn from our peers. We learned about the Canon 5D, Canon Rebel, XF100. We went over audio as well as lighting. We feel ready and eager to embark on our trip to Cuba!



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