Coming Down the Home Stretch…

With just two weeks until we land in Cuba, our class has been very busy!

Our Crowd Funding campaign came to a close this week. At the end of the campaign, we were able to raise $2,230  with the help of 51 donors! This money will help us out a lot as we discover Cuba!  To show our gratitude, we made a special video with students from the class thanking our donors! 

And even as we’ve prepared for the trip, the situation in Cuba has suddenly been amazingly disrupted, most in a good way for U.S.- Cuba relations. Cuba is buzzing with excitement, as the country gets ready to have a few high-profile visitors in the same week that we will be visiting the country.

The White House recently announced that President Obama will visit Cuba at the start of the week we are there, and now it turns out he’ll be throwing out the first pitch as the Tampa Bay Rays play an exhibition game agains the Cuban National Baseball team.

Then, on the 25th, the Rolling Stones announced they will play a free concert in Havana. This is sure to make our experience in Cuba even more interesting.

As we learned last week in class, we will be using several different types of cameras to document our trip; Go Pros (Hero 3 and Hero 4), Canon XF100’s, a Canon Rebel, and a Canon 5D. We continued learning about these cameras this week as each student served as an expert on a particular camera, teaching the functions to those who were less familiar. It is important that we all are able to operate any of the cameras that we will be taking with us without difficulty, as we will all be taking turns with them during the week that we are in Cuba.


We finished up the class by starting to share information that we have gathered for informative fact sheets on a variety of topics, including tourism, politics, and the economy, to name a few. We will be bringing our consolidated research with us on the trip to be able to refer back to when we are in Cuba, taking in the sights and experiencing the country first-hand in a few short weeks.


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