Getting Ready to Go!

We have a week and a half left before departure to Cuba! Last night we had a pre-departure presentation by Kristina Byrne from Pace’s Study Abroad office. Kristina passed out our visas, travel documents, and gave a presentation on what to pack, what to expect, and how to avoid trouble. Receiving our visas and final flight information made us realize just how close Cuba is and reminded us to finish our last-minute packing.




Even though we’re days away from our trip, a lot of the details are still up in the air. With President Obama visiting Cuba many tourists are being moved out of Havana hotels to the other side of the island. We are scheduled to visit Havana first and then travel outside of the city to the beaches of Trinidad, but we’re waiting on confirmation from our program coordinators in Havana to find out what’s going on.

In class, we reviewed our shooting schedule and who’s in charge of each piece of equipment. It’s highly important for us to be organized. Each piece of equipment is delicate and needs to be handled with care during travel. We learned the importance of testing equipment before we leave and making sure everything is in perfect working order for our trip. In just 10 days we will be en route to Cuba and ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


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