One day left before heading to Cuba!

We’re finally going to Cuba! We had our last meeting before departing. After two months of preparation, we are all so ready to go. Merely thinking about the sunshine, the shooting, and the chance to experience Cuban culture makes us so excited!


During this class we checked our equipment one last time, making sure there was no problem with any of the gear. Our logging sheet has also been created so that we can keep track of what we’ve filmed every day in Cuba in an organized way.

Importantly, Andre, the only member of our team who can speak Spanish fluently, taught us a lot of basic and essential conversational phrases. So useful! It’s also fun to learn a new language. Professor Sager, who visited Cuba in January, gave us a lot of valuable tips.


Our schedule and accommodations had to shift because of President Obama’s visit to Cuba early next week. Putting asides all the diplomatic significance of his visit, we were just guessing if we can have a chance to run across him — lol. In Austin, Texas, earlier this month, he popped into a taco shop. Who knows which Cuban streets he will visit? We lost the convenience of staying in a conventional hotel, but now we’ll experience more of Cuban culture by staying in small bed-and-breakfast style lodgings run by Cuban families.


Any film making effort in the field has to adjust to unexpected changes, so this is all great training. And a final reward might come at the end of the week if we can get to the free concert by the Rolling Stones.


It was fascinating to learn that there’s a connection between the concert and Curacao, the focus of last year’s film.


The Stones concert is being supported by the Fundashon Bon Intenshon, a Curacao nonprofit group devoted to fostering social and youth development through international arts and sports initiatives.


Let’s hope we can go, and meet some of the people behind this historic event.









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