First Class Back and a Hell of a Long Way to Go

Our first class since our return from Cuba started with Heidi collecting Coldstone orders. People ate their ice cream while Matt Maiorano, who had taken the class in 2013, when the subject was sea turtle conservation in Mexico , shared his experiences both in the course and in the job market since.



The class was then split into groups and assigned footage to log, translate, transcribe by Monday, April 11th so that the professors can review and start choosing the footage to shape their story.



The class turned to the challenge of settling on a title for the documentary. There was a cacophony of suggestions, both serious and joking, all of which were written down for later consideration. Once a list had formed and the stream of ideas slowed to a trickle, the class parsed out the best ideas.


The debate over each of the remaining titles got heated, but from the hottest furnace the strongest metal is forged. The title that emerged was, “Cuba’s Crossroads: Hope, Rock, and [R]Evolution” and excitement filled the room. With the title and foundation for the documentary set, class adjourned with a seemingly impossible amount of work to complete before the deadlines.


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