The Cuba Crunch – Editing Time

For us, this week has all been about editing. We were divided into three teams last week, each assigned to shape one of the three acts in our film on Cuba’s crossroads. In class, the students working on Act 1 shared their cut with the class to get ideas for improving it. When people saw the opening graphics, we felt so excited because Greg made an excellent opening for our film. Of course, we will keep it as a secret until the May 10th premiere, but when you see it you will love it! We changed some shot choices and music in Act 1 to make sure the story unfolds just right.



We spend more than two hours revising Act 1. After a pizza break, the team for Act 2 took over.


Jordean opened the files after we solved some technical problems in Adobe Premiere. We revised the script and adjusted some shots.




We stayed late into the evening, finishing Act 2 around 10:30 p.m. Everyone felt excited and eager to continue because we want to try our best to give the audience a vivid picture of Cuba. Although Professor Revkin was at meetings in Europe, we kept in touch with them through the Internet. We really enjoyed working together, sharing ideas and are looking forward to having our final cut soon.


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