Yesterday was the big premiere of our film! The event started with an alumni reception where we met with students who took the documentary class in the past. We ate little sandwiches and drank water with fresh fruit. It was nice meeting students who were on the early documentaries and hearing what they worked on and all the exotic places they went.

Posters and bags from the reception

Once the reception finished we entered the theatre. We had a huge turnout–all of the seats were sold out, so we stood in the back with Dr. Luskay and Professor Revkin. The Dean of Dyson, Dr. Nira Herrmann spoke to the crowd about the hard work we put into our film and how Dr. Luskay and Professor Revkin do a wonderful job helping us. Seeing all these people watching our film was so exciting! We spent hundreds of hours filming and editing, so sharing the finished product was amazing!



When the film finished we had a Q&A where we answered audience questions. People asked us about our favorite parts of going to Cuba, what the infrastructure is like, and if we’re ready to go back. Before we wrapped up the Q&A, we presented Dr. Luskay and Professor Revkin their gifts–mini movie poster plaques.


We are so happy that we had such a great turnout, but we’re not done. Our film will go online in just a couple of days! We’ll be posting it soon so keep your eyes out in case you missed it, want to share it with your friends and family, or just want to see it again.


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