In its sixth year focused on the environment, Pace’s spring film production course will visit Cuba, learning how this remarkable island nation, 90 miles and a world away from Florida, is preparing for expanded American tourism. 

The student team will meet with Cuban historians and experts in environmental and architectural conservation, explore organic farms, a sugar-growing region and a botanical garden. Experts will describe ways to preserve the best of old Cuba while developing an economy as locked in time as the 1950s-era sedans cruising Havana’s streets. 

The five previous class films with a conservation focus have been featured on The New York Times blog Dot Earth, premiered at the Jacob Burns Film Center and have won many prestigious film awards. Students will spend February and early March doing pre-production reporting and research, including interviewing American experts on Cuban history and environmental conditions. 

The study-abroad portion of the course, during spring break, will immerse the class in Cuba’s culture and geography. The remaining weeks will be a sprint of editing, music and sound production, followup interviews and nonstop social media to build the audience for the final product and premiere. This project will build on a successful template that, since 2010, has produced a string of award-winning short environmental films. 

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