The Cuba Crunch – Editing Time

For us, this week has all been about editing. We were divided into three teams last week, each assigned to shape one of the three acts in our film on Cuba’s crossroads. In class, the students working on Act 1 shared their cut with the class to get ideas for improving it. When people saw […]

Putting it All Together Now

Our documentary class has shifted from transcribing interviews into editing mode. Prof. Luskay divided us into three groups with lead editors who will supervise the editing of the three acts of our film, “Cuba’s Crossroads.” By this Tuesday, we need to find the best sound bites to fit the flow of the story, which includes […]

Throwback Thursday: Our Last Days in Cuba

There hasn’t been a moment for reflection since we returned from our frenetic filming week in Cuba (and Miami, due to a missed connection and one-day delay.) But we have pulled together a Throwback Thursday post reflecting on some of the remarkable adventures we had in late March: Lesley—Wednesday 3/23—Day 4 On our first full […]

We’re back! Well Not Quite….

    We spent eight days and seven nights in one of the most beautiful and historic countries in the world but at some point the adventure had to end, or so we thought. We started our final  Sunday morning at 9 a.m. to do a quick final shoot around Havana to get last minute […]

Here’s What We’ve Done so Far!

  Since the time we arrived at the airport in Miami our cameras have been rolling.  From interviews with airport employees to B-Roll of people at baggage claim we filmed it all. After a three full days of non-stop action we were finally able to get a few hours rest and relaxation when we headed […]

One day left before heading to Cuba!

We’re finally going to Cuba! We had our last meeting before departing. After two months of preparation, we are all so ready to go. Merely thinking about the sunshine, the shooting, and the chance to experience Cuban culture makes us so excited!   During this class we checked our equipment one last time, making sure […]