Who We Are

Production Team:


Anthony Rueda is an undergrad on the cusps of graduation and would like to experience creating a collaborative documentary to broaden his skills. He hopes the outcome of this project will be a good additive to his resume and will lead to meeting new people. Anthony would like to start a career in post-production.



Cassie Pacenka has been lead editor for the past two documentaries directed by Pace. She was assistant director of the most recent documentary where they traveled to Curacao to document the change in coral reefs. She is pursing a Digital Cinema and Filmmaking major and has a passion for documentary filmmaking.



Danielle Garnes is an undergraduate student from Pleasantville, New York, studying Media, Communications and Visual Arts. After graduation she wants to start a career in production and hopes by taking this course she will gain valuable experience in the world of production.





Dawei Dong (David) is a graduate student in the Media Communication and Visual Arts Program who is interested in the media and communication industry.  He’d like to do something involving editing and production in the future.  In the meantime, He also wants to gain more knowledge about environment protection.





Elena Roye is in the Media and Communications Graduate Program. She has a passion for filmmaking and traveling. She has a specific interest in documentaries in third world countries and wants to improve  her filmmaking skills.





Jonathan R. Forsgren: Born in Taipei, Taiwan to a Portuguese mother and Scandinavian-American father, Jonathan spent his life living in Taiwan, Malaysia, Morocco, Austria, and the United States. He has a B.A. in Economics Management from Ohio Wesleyan University, is pursing his M.A. in Media Communication and Visual Arts from Pace, and is a Video Production Intern at CBS. Jonathan hopes to build a career contributing to the writing and production of daily infotainment broadcasting.




Joseph Gonzalez is a sophomore Digital Cinema and Film major from Toms River, New Jersey . He is ready to take on this course and get everything he can from it. He hopes this course will help him develop on location skills for his major. He hopes to someday work for NBC as a camera operator.



Junlei Cai (Ray), who also goes by the name Ray is from China. He is a Master’s student in Media and Communication Arts program. He loves fashion and hope to start a career in that field after graduation. He came to America to explore another country to experience its culture and nature.





Lesley Donelan is a graduate student from Mineola, New York, studying Media and Communication Arts.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Pace University in May 2015.  This is the second time that Lesley is participating in the Producing the Documentary course; she was Assistant Location Director for “Curacao’s Coral Challenge: Reviving the Rain Forests of the Sea” in the Spring 2015 semester. In the future, Lesley hopes to pursue a career in production. She is looking forward to discovering the wonders of Cuba over the course of this semester.




Nicholas Ostrander is a Digital, Cinema and Filmmaking major. He joined this class to see how documentaries are made. He hopes to apply what he learns from this into future projects. Nicholas is looking forward to what Cuba has in store!






Andre Infante is a sophomore student from Costa Rica majoring in Digital Cinema & Filmmaking. He signed in this program because he wants to get all the possible experience on the field to become the best filmmaker he can be.




Heidi Ariana Clorofilla is a graduate student in Pace’s Media and Communication Arts Program. She aspires to work in the film industry as a screenwriter. This class will give her real world documentary experience and the chance to travel to a country frozen in time.






Greg Di Roma is a senior studying Digital Cinema and Filmmaking at Pace University. He has shot a variety of short films and has also edited web shows such as Pace Rewind for the Pace University Athletic Department. Greg is taking this class because he wants to get more experience in the field of communications and is working towards making films for a living.




Jing Ning is a graduate student in the Media and Communication Arts program at Pace University. Although her bachelors degree is in International Business, she is very interested in media industry. In the future, she wants to pursue a career in public relation. Production is a necessary skill for everyone in media and communication industry and going to Cuba with a great team is a good opportunity for her to study how to communicate with others and how to deal with any potential problems during the teamwork.





Jordean Matthews is in her second semester in the Media and Communications Arts Masters program. She holds another Masters degree in Sport Management from Barry University and a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Jordean spent three years working as a Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist in the United States Army and is now a Graduate Assistant for Athletic Communications at Pace. Jordean loves working with people and being able to bring their stories to the big screen through editing, shooting video, interviewing and producing.